weekend news

Eagle Rock App Available for Download

Go to your app store and download our new app to grow with our weekly devotional. 

How We Grow

This week the pastoral staff continues a brand new teaching series that is all about your growth. Be sure to pick up the How We Grow devotional.

Special Prayer Session

This Sabbath, for the Holy Spirit's leading for our church in the youth room after worship service.

Fellowship Luncheon

There will be no potluck in the month of April.


Announcements for future events will need to go through our website @ www.seektobefamily.or/worship/announcements. 

Adventist Giving

has been updated to allow automatic recurring monthly giving. Log on to If you have any questions, please contact Eric Molander.

Flower Offering

If you wish to sponsor flowers to honor a special occasion, please call the office.

upcoming news

Puget Sound Academy Choir and Band

April 28, 11 am, Sanctuary

Will be sharing their talents with us under the direction of Craig and Brenda Mohr.

Prayer Meeting

Every Wednesday, 7 pm, Choir room 

Join us as we continue a brand new practical and motivational series.

In The House Vespers

May 11, 7 pm, Woertz Hall

Join us as we study and discuss "If You Will Ask" by Oswald Chambers.

Christian Edition in Concert

May 19, 11 am, Sanctuary

Come and worship with us on that special Sabbath.