The Church is not a building.  The Church is the people.  

We could not do what we do without the people who do what they do

to make the Eagle Rock Church not just a church, but a family.  

There are too many to name, but we see what you do, and we are grateful.

"I thank my God upon every remembrance of you."  

Philippians 1:3

  • Jon cicle

    Lead Pastor


    Pastor Jon was born and raised in Southern California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts -Theology from Loma Linda University (La Sierra Campus) and a Masters of Divinity from Andrews Theological Seminary. He served in several pastoral capacities in the Southeastern and Northern California Conferences before coming to Eagle Rock.

    Pastor Jon is intrigued by people and loves listening to their stories. He loves learning and has ‘never met a book he didn’t like’.  Above all, he enjoys sharing Jesus and encouraging others on this spiritual journey we call life. He is passionate about Adventist Education and is energized when the local church and school work effectively together.

    Pastor Jon enjoys reading, traveling, rockhounding and cheering on the Rams and Dodgers with his family.

  • Christian botello

    Associate Pastor


    Christian Botello was born and raised in Southern California. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Pepperdine University and a Master of Divinity from La Sierra University. During most of his undergraduate years in college, he served as a spiritual life advisor to his peers.  While earning his Master of Divinity, he served as youth director at one of our local churches before coming to Eagle Rock. 

    Pastor Christian enjoys getting to know people and sharing Jesus with others. By sharing the gospel of God’s love and grace, he hopes to be able to lead others into a joyful and meaningful relationship with Christ. 

    Christian enjoys traveling, learning about different cultures, dining out, snowboarding, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

  • izzy Uribe

    Youth Pastor


    Izraías Uribe (people call him Izzy) was born and raised in Southern California.  His name is Hebrew, but he is Mexican-American.  He and his wife have lived in Hawaii and Maryland, and have enjoyed attending church in both sandals and snow boots.


    He enjoys making his wife laugh (but her sense of humor is so amazing, it's often her making him laugh) and spending time with his daughter, Shekinah, who is absolutely adorable.  He and his family look forward to meeting new people and making new friends (possibly over food...hint, hint...).

    He grew up in the church, but it hasn't been until the last several years that he's felt like he has been able to experience the Gospel in a special and significant way.  


    He loves creating spaces where people can learn and talk about life, God and relevant and current issues.  He believes his goal in life is to continue to learn, to live as a child of God and to make Jesus an irresistible option for people.

  • Janelle Miller

    Administrative Assistant (1 of 2)

    Janelle is the first half of Team Secretary.  She was born and raised in Southern California and has been a member of the Eagle Rock SDA Church for over 20 years.  She believes music makes the world go 'round, and enjoys singing at the top of her lungs (when no one is around to hear) She is witty and insightful (almost exclusively when no one is around to hear).  She spends a large portion of her free time making weird faces at her niece and nephew (don't worry, they started it...probably) and talking gibberish at them (which they can usually decipher).  

    She adamantly dislikes cinnamon and the number five (...that's relevant, right?).  She loves parenthetical statements, and enjoys stating the obvious.

    She is pleased to report that there is a very high chance her socks match (each other, not necessarily the rest of her ensemble) and only a small chance her shoes are untied.

  • Krista Mchale

    Administrative Assistant (2 of 2)

    Krista is the second half of Team Secretary.  She was also born and raised in Southern California and has been a member of the Eagle Rock SDA Church for over 20 years.  She has yet to write her own bio, so the other half of the Team feels the need to inform you that she's awesome. That's all, I think you're caught up now.

    (For the record: Krista doesn't actually look like a field of sunflowers, she looks very human - just to be clear.)